Even if is a recruitment and selection project for a job or 100 different jobs, we follow with responsibility the next steps:

  1. Study the job’s description (responsibilities and competences). We will find your ideal candidate: identifying, evaluating, recruiting, selecting and placing candidates who satisfies your requirements.
  2. Define profiles for the candidates that you want.
  3. Recruit the candidates through modern and professional methods.
  4. Select a potential group of suitable candidates.
  5. Test and interview the selected candidates.
  6. Test the knowledge of foreign languages: Italian, Spanish, English, French and German.
  7. Check the recommendations of those candidates.
  8. Prepare and present a short list with candidates for the client’s final selection.
  9. Assist the client when is taking the decision.
  10. Present the job’s offer to each selected candidate.
  11. Report with regularity the project’s progress.
  12. Monitor the candidate’s integration and evolution in the employer company.
  13. Deal entire logistics related to interviewing and schedule meetings during the whole process.
  14. Offer assistance in negotiating and reaching a work agreement with the selected candidate.